Apr 012010

Yep, its giveaway time! Why have a giveaway?


I like fun.

You like fun too right?

Its already sounding like a great match, yes?

It had been previously mentioned that the giveaway was open to all registered users. But then that seemed, I dont know, like it just wasn’t easy enough. And right after FUN, I like easy.

So no registration required. All you have to do is answer a question in the comments below.

EVERYONE who answers will be entered. But please, only ONE answer allowed per person!

The post will be open for comments through April 29th at midnight.

On April 30th, everyone’s name goes in the tumbler and we’ll draw one out and presto – WINNER!

There are no trick questions and no right and wrong answer questions. (remember this is to be FUN and EASY!) And maybe informative. 🙂

This month’s question:

What’s your favorite tool?

ohhhhhhhhhh, you want to know about the prize? Well, this month its a surprise!

It may be custom MOO cards, or designer cut cabochon, or a lovely Fretz chasing hammer….

But you gotta play to win!