Sep 142010

chances are I’ll want a sock to go with it.

No, seriously. There is a great use for your lone socks, you know, the ones that come out of the wash without a mate. Don’t throw them away, use them as ‘hats’ for your hammers!

I snapped this picture of my hammer drawer, the place where my ‘good’ hammers live. metalsmithing, raising, forming hammers, jewelry artists network

True, these aren’t socks, but they used to be, and some do still have socks, I just didn’t et a picture of those. These are golf club covers and some might be shoe covers.

Anyway, the real message here is that there are probably things in your home right now that could be residing on the heads of your hammers. Look around and then cover your hammers! It helps prevent rust and any possible scratches on the highly polished heads.