The Artists Synchroblog


The Artists Synchroblog – a multi-medium blogging extravaganza!


What IS a Synchroblog?

It is a synchronized blogging group. Basically a group of bloggers agree to all post on a same topic on a set schedule on their blogs and then link up to each other. Other common terms are: blog carnival or blog party.

Do I have to have a blog?

If you want to post, you must have a blog. However, you are welcome to hop along or daisy chain from one blog to another, read, and COMMENT! 🙂

Do I post on my blog or the website blog?

Each participant will blog on their own blog. The blog can be located on a blogging platform (such as blogspot, wordpress, or typepad) or can be an extension on your own website.

Is there a fee to participate?

Goodness no!

Is there a list of all participants blogs?

There is a page coming with a list of blogs. Also, each blogpost that is part of the Synchroblog will contain an list of all participating blogs.

Would I have to blog every month?

Not exactly. We encourage and recommend that participants blog every topic. That’s just ONCE a month! However, it’s ok to skip a month here and there.

What is the “Pinterest Project” I am hearing about?

We are actually providing topics on odd months and then on even months are blogging on Pinterest Projects. The idea is to make something based on something you’ve pinned (can be art, a recipe, home project, whatever) and then blog about it on the even months.

I am not a jewelry artist, can I still participate?

YES! We encourage artists of all mediums to join in. We can all inspire and BE inspired by one another!

(if you have more questions, please use the contact tab above)

Some of the nuts and bolts:

To help things run smoothly
• We’re asking that you ‘sign up’ so we have everyone’s blog address and email address.
• We have created a private page which you will gain access to once you ‘sign up’. The page will have:
o a calendar of blogging topics so you can prepare your posts in advance or at least be thinking in advance.
o A master list of all participants and their websites so everyone knows where to find everyone else!
o Details and ‘rules’, updates, etc
• You will receive a reminder two weeks before a post is due.
• Blog posts should be published on the 15th of each month.
• You do NOT have to post every month, however, that IS the goal! ONE post a month! You can do this!
• One blogger will be randomly selected each month to have their post featured on the JAN website. By signing up, you agree to have that content copied and published on the Network forum website.

How posting and linking works:
• You write a blog post on the topic (topics are listed and emailed to you).
• The blogpost should include a short preamble describing the synchroblog and a closing which links to everyone else. You will be provided with the suggested text.
• Include a photo (at least one!) with your post.
• Publish your post, on your blog, on the 15th. (or within a day or two before or after)
• You agree to only post content which is YOURS to post.

The bad news:
Because this is a bit of work to set up, organize, and maintain — those who consistently fail to participate will be removed from the group. Part of the idea is to create a lot of crosslinking which increases SEO and gets more people visiting our blogs. If you don’t participate….well, you see where that goes.
(You can however opt in and out – we welcome all to start and will re-welcome anyone who leaves to come back and give it another go. We’re not Synchroblog Nazis. Just because you can’t have soup today doesn’t mean there is no soup for you tomorrow! I understand life happens. Just shoot me an email. )

Participation is no guarantee that your views or sales will increase. This is a free and voluntary program. You may join and leave at will. The host takes no responsibility for the content of each bloggers posts nor the safety of their blogs or website against any malicious code. We all agree to post, visit, and link at our own risk.

Sound like an amazing life altering opportunity? Or maybe just like a lot of good clean fun?

Then SIGN UP now! We begin posting in MAY!

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  2 Responses to “The Artists Synchroblog”

  1. Sounds like fun…. I’m currently participating in Sally’s 52 week focus on life chllenge but we’re almost 1/3 of the way through the year… I love pinterest but need to spend some time figuring it out.. this will be the perfect opportunity!

    Lynne aka islandgilr

  2. This sounds exciting and like a great way to network! Can’t wait to dive in!!

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