Apr 302010

We have a winner!!

Its a beautiful day here, the sun is shining, the air is warm, and we have a winner!


The winner of the giveaway will receive a LOVELY Fretz Chasing Hammer compliments of Fundametals. Fundametals is a relatively new supply shop but is fast becoming a favorite of many. Jeanette, owner of Fundametals, offers her customers great service, attention to detail, competitive prices, AND she keeps her ears and eyes open for new tools and supplies to carry for the wire and metal jewelry artists. Fundametals has quickly become a fabulous resource for the jewelry community.

So, on to the drawing –

Unfortunately the comments were not closed right at midnight and there was a late entry this morning – we just didn’t feel right counting that one. SORRY!

AND, there was a duplicate commenter early on  so one duplicate for that commenter was deleted and then one comment came in as a reply to another and wasn’t numbered in the comments list, so we did a quick renumbering to give that one a number, trying to allow all who commented within the guidelines to be included. The renumbering starts right after 30 and goes through the end of the comments with the exception of the late entry and the last entry which was also from someone who had already commented. (confused yet?) It really does all make sense!

Here is a cut and paste of how the renumbering went so it makes sense. We will always do our best to keep things ‘straight’ and as fair as possible. 🙂

Then a Random Number Generator was used (Tara’s random number generator) and the result is shown below.

Then back to the list of comments to see who it was….

Congratulations Colorsmiths!

Colorsmiths said this:

“My favorite tool is my graph paper! I can’t imagine doing without any of the essential pliers and cutter, etc. But the design starts taking shape on my graph paper. Using graph paper makes engineering a setting and calculating measurements, for a new design or a new size of an old design, a lot easier than putting it together in my head and a lot thriftier than guessing measurements. When I start envisioning how a design idea is going to come together, it’s time to pull out my graph paper!”

GREAT tip for the rest of us! I’m going to be sure I still have some graph paper at home!

Colorsmiths, you will receive an email in just a few moments, but you can also use the contact tab above to get in touch with us. We will need to hear from you within 48 hours with your mailing address so we can ship the hammer to you or we will have to select another number!

Thanks all for participating – this was great fun!




  2 Responses to “WINNER! WINNER!”

  1. Congratulations Colorsmiths!! I’m envious! 🙂

  2. What a great way to end the week! Congratulations!