May 152013

THAT is the topic for today’s artists Synchroblog!

(A synchroblog is a synchronized blogging event. It’s a great way to have fun, learn, and increase your blog traffic.)

We’ve asked a number of artists to blog about a quote or verse or saying that has some meaning to them.

I’m really intrigued to read all of the blogs and bet you are as well so please see the full list of blogs below.


Go! Visit! Read! and Comment!


Please visit these blogs over the next day or two and see what words, quotes, verses, or sayings these artists have to share with us. 🙂





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  2 Responses to “Words, Quotes, Verses, Sayings…”

  1. Been awhile hasn’t it? Still making weird things out of the scrap bucket, some really weird looking jewelry, some well received and some, well epic failure would be kind. Having a terrible time with my nerve pain in both arms from C-7 and T-1, good old pinched nerves from 23 years ago may need some surgical relief. Plus some wrist damage from shooting big bore pistols in competition, .45ACP, lots of recoil and hammering of metal over the years adds up to a lot of pain. Getting old is not for the faint of heart.

    • Bentiron, I have not been on a site with you in a long time.. You were always helpful and generous with your knowledge to this metalsmith newbie.. Sorry you are having problems.. Yes, getting old is not fun.. My knees hurt, I am sure I will have replacement some day.. Glad to see you are around and still making jewelry.. me too. Lee Anne