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Wire Work Tutorials

We are continuing to build this resource page with more Wire Work tutorials from our members.Please feel free to spend some time browsing and check in to the forum to submit a site or network with other artists!


As of this time, tutorials are available for purchase through paypal.

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Check here for a list of teachers, their bios, and more!

    Duster Earrings woth BONUS Kuci Bead Tuturial!
    by Debora Mauser

    This tutorial will show you, step by step, how to create these lovely and fun wire worked earrings.

    Your artistry will make each one unique. These earrings are easy to make and extremely versatile. All types of wire and beads can be utilized and change the look of these earrings from wild to mild?

    41 total steps, 26 for the basic earring and 15 for the Kuchi Bead.

    Wire Wrapped Hoops
    by Debora Mauser

    Learn the mechanics of this weave and armature and open the doors to many possibilities! You can change the shape and size of these hoops with ease. Basic wire wrapping skills needed. There are 33 steps to this tutorial.


    Wire Wrapped Wedding Band Hoops
    by Debora Masuer

    The basic wrap of this earring will lend itself to many aspects of your jewelry creations. You can use thinner or thicker wire for your earring depending on how large you want the hoops.